‘Sizing Kit’ with your choice of Tips


This kit comes with 10 nail sizes from 0-9, and instructions to measure your nails.

When placing an order;- Upload, message or email a snapshot of the completed 'Order Form' and an image of the set of nails you would like in 'Design Your Own' on the Home page.


if you order one of my designs, choose 'Custom' option and leave your nail sizes in 'Order Notes' at Checkout.

For example:-  Thumbs (2),  Pointer Fingers (6), Middle Fingers (4), Ring Fingers (7) & Pinky Fingers (9).

Please feel free to direct message or email me if you have any questions.


What's Inside The BoxCheck Out Our Press On Nail Unboxing

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Why Buy From The Nail EscapeWhy Choose Us?

Unlike most in-store/online press-on nail shops, where they mass produce every design, ‘The Nail Escape’ creates exclusive, luxury press-on nails here in Perth, Western Australia, by Marisa founder and owner of ‘The Nail Escape’.

We use the highest quality materials and products on our nails, to provide salon-quality nail enhancements  without actually going to a nail salon.    Stock is exclusive and limited!

So if you are looking for salon-quality nails without actually going to a nail salon. Then you are in the right place!

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